Create a Lead Gettin', Authority & Brand Building Blog TODAY...

"The No-Hassle Guide To Set Up A Highly-Effective Blog In Just 30 Minutes (Even If You Just Started Your Business TODAY!)

Tuesday January 17 3:00 PM EST
Hosted & Presented By:
L5 Todd & Leah Getts
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What You'll Learn

How to quickly and easily set up your own personalized domain name and brand YOU every time someone comes to your blog!

The best types of pages to create – AND plug-ins to activate – to SUPERCHARGE YOUR BLOG!!

How to install a banner that gives you immediate authority! (Add massive credibility to your brand!)

SEO secrets to get your blog ranking in Google so that you start pulling in 24/7 automated traffic!

PLUS..Use Todd & Leah Getts to start pulling in more sign-ups into your business!

WARNING: Everyday you wait to build an AUTHORITY AND BRAND BUILDING BLOG... is a day you're letting leads, sales, & signups get away from your biz! This training will get you set up FAST & Easy!
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