How to Set Up a Simple Funnel in 7 Minutes or Less and QuicklyStart Pulling In Red-Hot Leads  for Your Business
(Perfect for Newbies!)

Wednesday October 5 9:00 PM EDT
Hosted & Presented By:
L5 Honey Badger
Keysha Bass
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Here's what you'll discover...

Watch Keysha build a funnel -- in front of your eyes (Watch every step she takes!)

Finally put the internet marketing pieces together and start building YOUR funnel to skyrocket ANY biz!

How to find (or create) the perfect GIVEAWAY to dangle in front of your prospects (so they happily give you their email address!)

See how to * set up your email list, * create your capture page, *compose hard-hitting emails*, and GET THE SALE!

* Watch This 100% FREE Training Wednesday*  & Create Your New Funnel by THURSDAY!

 There's NO GETTING AROUND IT! Your Business Absolutely MUST HAVE a Funnel in Place!  Keysha is the one who's going to show you how to do it right!